Security Tag Remover

Bulk CCTV Store now carries a full line of security tag detatchers. These security tag removers can remove most common types of electronic article surveillance tags. Some common types of tags are mini hard tags, pencil style, large hard tags, Sensormatic AMT 1000 tags, Knogo Super Satellite Tags, Onvi Security Tags, Checkpoint UFO tags and universal ink tags. These removers work for most Checkpoint, Sensormatic and Knogo security tags.

There are 4 main types of security tag removers.

The first is the most commonly used remover in the retail industry. This is a magnetic security tag remover. This remover is mounted to the checkout counter  and the backer or round part of the tag is inserted in to the center of the remover. This type of remover works on standard three ball tags. These detachers work on most security tags.

The next most widely used security tag remover is the super golf tag remover. These removers can remove any of the tags that have a round back. The magnet is twice as strong as the standard security tag remover allowing great force to remove stronger tags.

Sensormatic has two types of tags that require a special remover. The older Gator Tags use a remover that bends the tag in two places to allow the pin to be removed. These tags are not as common in the market place because they are easier to remove by bending or breaking the tag. The newer model of tag uses a curved hook. This hook is inserted in the side of the tag and curves around to release the pin. These tags are much harder to remove with out the tag remover.

Security tags can be used to protect everything from clothing to power tools. Tags come in every shape and size.

For more information on security tags see our full line of security tags and security tag removers at :

Platinum Tools 16201 SealSmart Compression Tool

Platinum Tools manufactures some of the best high-quality tools used in the wire and cable industry worldwide. They offer tools for any and all types of wire or cable preparation, connection, or termination.

The Platinum Tools 16201 is well-suited for any CATV, DSS, Security or Residential Structured wiring installation. It includes adapters for F, RCA, and BNC SealSmart connectors, which all mount inside the handle for easy and reliable storage. It can be used to crimp connectors on a variety of wire types including RG59, RG6 and RG6 Quad Shield cables. It provides a 360° uniform compression to fully seal the connection. carries this compression tool along with the full line of Platinum Tools wiring and cabling tools.

Ganz ZC-D5000 Series Cameras

The Ganz ZC-D5000 Series of high-quality analog dome cameras offer an amazing amount of features and options for any surveillance setup.  Some of those options include 7 different Computar CS Mount Varifocal lenses, and either True Day/Night or Digital Day/Night versions.  Also, an optional heater is available for cold weather installations as well as an NVT transmitter to allow transmission along UTP lines including CAT 5 cable.

All of the cameras are capable of a Super High Resolution image at 540 TVL.  In addition, all cameras can be powered by either DC 12V or AC 24v thanks to their built-in auto sensing dual voltage input.  They possess Zoom and Focus controls with locking screws to keep your camera’s image clear at all times, and a detachable service monitor cable to help ease the setup of those zoom and focus controls.  The cameras also contain Ganz’s proprietary 3-axis Pan/Tilt/Rotation mechanism to allow you to point the camera in whichever direction is necessary. Output from the camera is done with a standard video cable with BNC connector.


Ganz supplies a multitude of options when it comes to mounting their ZC-D5000 series cameras.  When it comes to indoor mounts, there’s the standard Surface and Flush mounts, the Pendant mount or the Wall mount.  They also offer several outdoor/ impact-resistant mounts including a Universal Outdoor Housing, Bottom View for Flush mounting, and outdoor versions of the Pendant and Wall mounts. currently carries a wide assortment of Ganz ZC-D5000 Series cameras including:

Geovision GV-1120A-16 Channel DVR Package with Free IP Camera

The Geovision GV-1120A DVR Card is the little brother to the GV-1480 and GV-1240.  Like it’s bigger and more expensive brethren, the GV-1120A DVR card can display 16 channels of video at 30fps/ channel, has H.264 video compression, POS Integration, smartphone viewing, remote management and includes the latest version of Geovision’s Digital Surveillance System v8.5 Software.  The downside is that the card can only record up to 120fps, which would be between 8fps on all 16 channels  and 30fps on each of up to 4 channels.

If you purchase your GV-1120A-16 Channel through you will get a free Geovision GV-CB120 MegaPixel Cube IP Camera.

Geovision GV-1240A-16 Channel DVR Card Promotion

The Geovision 1240A is a top of the line video capture card designed to capture analog video at rates of up to 240 frames per second.  Like all Geovision DVR cards, the 1240A supports real-time recording and live view, h.264 compression, remote management, POS integration, and smart phone viewing capabilities. This card gives the ability to turn any Windows-based PC into a Geovision DVR server with the included latest Geovision Surveillance System 8.5 software version.

By purchasing your Geovision 1240A card from, you’ll also receive a free Geovision GV-CB120 1.3M H.264 Cube IP Camera while supplies last.  This camera has a 1/2.5” Progressive Scan CMOS chip and can record up to 30fps at 1280 x1024 resolution. It also features a built-in speaker and microphone, as well as a Micro SD/SDHC Card Slot.  The Geovision 1240A is also compatible with the rest of the line of Geovision IP Cameras, as well as any analog cameras.


American Dynamics Discover 600 Indoor/Outdoor Mini Dome Camera

The Discover 600 Mini Dome Camera (ADCD600-D0001) is a vandal resistant, true Day/Night analog dome offering a high resolution 540 TVL video image under many diverse lighting conditions. The camera has built-in Infrared Illumination which detects the light levels of the current environment and upon reaching a certain light level, switches from color to black-and-white to capture the low-light images.  The camera utilizes a removable IR cut filter to filter the IR light during the day so as not to distort the colors of the images.

The camera also features an Advanced Pivoting Axis to enable you to position the camera in any angle you need, along with Auto iris and Automatic White Balance to provide you with the clearest image quality possible.  Like all other American Dynamics fixed cameras, the Discover 600 offers Back Light Compensation (BLC) and Automatic Gain Control (AGC).

The Discover 600 Mini Dome Camera as well as all other American Dynamics fixed cameras are compatible with the full line of American Dynamics DVRs, TVRs and Hybrid DVRs available at also carries a wide range of mounts compatible with the Discover 600.

American Dynamics Intellex LT Digital Video Management Systems

The Intellex line of DVR systems by American Dynamics is the most popular digital video recording solution in the industry. The line is composed of 4 different models for a wide variety of installations including the Ultra, DVMS, LT, and IP versions.

The Intellex LT DVR system is a high quality DVR system designed for those customers looking to provide surveillance coverage to a single site, with basic networking capabilities.  It is the perfect solution for small retail stores, healthcare facilities, and small offices. The Dvr includes either 250GB or 500GB of hard drive space capable of holding up to 450 hours of video recording, and is available in 4, 8, and 16 Channel models.  All models can be remotely managed and monitored using American Dynamics’ Network Client Remote Management Software, which has the added option of password authorization to increase the security of your video surveillance network.  Some other features of the system include SmartSearch capabilities, simultaneous record and playback, single channel recording of both audio and text, and one click export of video, audio, and text to a CD-RW.

At, we carry all configurations of the American Dynamics Intellex LT systems as well as many other offerings from American Dynamics including their Illustra IP Cameras, Discover Mini Dome Cameras, Discover Bullet Cameras, and SpeedDome Optima and Ultra PTZ Cameras to complement any of their Digital Video Management Systems.